Automated Pavement Surface Imaging Model 4096 (APSI-4096)


APSI-4096 Components

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The Automated Pavement Surface Imaging (APSI-4096) sub-system, Model APSI 4096, is designed to conduct a full lane width distress survey of pavements at speeds of up to 60mph (about 100 Km/h) and process the data in real time. It has a transverse resolution of 4,096 pixels, achieving 1-mm resolution with complete coverage of pavement surface at highway speed.  Laser illumination only consumes less than 200 watts and provide shadow free images during day or night, and with sunshine or without sunshine. 

The Automated Distress Analyzer (ADA) software works in tandem with APSI-4096 to produce real-time crack maps showing location and geometry of distresses and classifies them as longitudinal, transverse, block, or alligator cracks at speeds as high as 60 mph. The protocol and indices used to classify the cracks by ADA are the AASHTO protocol, the Universal Cracking Indicator (CI), the Texas DOT method, LTTP Distress definitions, MicroPaver, UK SCANNER, and any user defined method.

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