Laser Rut Measurement System (LRMS)

LRMS Transverse Profiler (Top Showing Rutting, Bottom Showing Longitudinal Profile)

Laser Rut Measurement System (LRMS) is a transverse profiling system, capable of acquiring full 4 m (13ft 5in) width profiles of highway lanes at speeds up to 100 Km/h (60 mph). Its dedicated two laser profilers acquire the transverse profile of the pavement. The profilers are equipped with custom optics, and are high-power pulse lasers to allow for operation in full daylight or night time. Road rut profile data can be acquired and processed at real-time onboard WayLink’s DHDV.  The resolution of the LRMS profiler is more than 1200 points.

WayLink provides the user with a profile acquisition and analysis interface called Profile Detector. This application displays transverse and longitudinal profiles, profile intensities, rut widths, lengths, and cross-sectional areas of detected ruts, and indices of IRI, RN, and MT. It also communicates with the server workstation to send the profile information for storage.

This interface is shared with the LRD subsystem to form a multi-tasking software suit capable of real-time profile acquisition shown in the above figure.

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