Multimedia Highway Information System (MHIS)

MHIS Deluxe in Action

(To see the above image animation, you need to install Java Runtime)

The Multimedia Highway Information System (MHIS) is a user-focused application designed to present all the data sets collected by DHDV in the field, including pavement surface images, results from ADA, right-of-way imaging, rutting profiles, longitudinal profiles, and positioning information from DMI, GPS, and Gyroscope readings.  MHIS allows the user to browse through a roadway network and identify particular readings at certain locations. 

A key feature of MHIS is in its deluxe version which allows the user to edit and add pavement distresses based on distress definitions by LTPP, MicroPaver, and others.  The powerful editing tool is as convenient as a simple and easy to use CAD environment with tool applet and distress dialog boxes.  Google map is integrated into MHIS for user to visualize geo-referenced location of the displayed data sets.

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